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Why are disposable contact lenses better?

Disposable contact lenses are the most recommended lenses because there is very less chance of lens deposits causing allergy or irritation to the eye hence better comfort to the wearer

  • Most disposable lenses are made up of high water content material hence provide more oxygen to the eyes, keeping them healthy
  • Disposable lens care regime is simplified giving more convenience. In case of Daily disposable lenses, there is no hassle of cleaning & maintaining lenses as they are one time use lenses
  • Disposable lenses provide option of additional pair of contact lenses in case of lens damage/emergency
  • Disposable lenses greatly reduce any chances of infection to the eye as they are replaced as per the recommendation done by the manufacturer and your Optometrist/optician
  • Latest technology & design of disposable lenses ensure better comfort & increased wearing time for the wearer
  • Disposable lenses allow the freedom of occasional wear to the wearer
  • Rivoli Eyezone offers you a wide range of disposable lenses to choose from
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