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Home Try-On service is provided to make it easy for you to make a final selection of products for purchase, from the comfort of home. By placing a Home Try-On order you agree-

  • That the Home Try-On samples that will be sent to you will remain the property of RivoliEyezone.
  • That you will return all the samples you receive within 4 working days of receipt.
  • That the samples will be treated with care and will not be lost or damaged.
  • You authorize RivoliEyezone to block a sum of AED 500 from your Credit Card at the time of making a Home Try-On order. Rivoli Eyezone will release this amount back to the Credit Card once all the sample frames are received in good condition.
  • For each frame that is not returned, is returned in damaged condition or is not returned in the approved time period, you authorize RivoliEyezone to recover the full Retail Price as displayed on the site from your Credit Card or through any other means.
  • You agree to notify RivoliEyezone through the HomeTry-On Section in My Account, to arrange for pick-up of samples for return within 4 working days of receipt of the samples (Weekends and Public Holidays excluded). Alternately, you may ask for Return Pick Up quoting the Home Try-on Delivery Number, through mail to, or by calling 800 EYEZONE (800 3939663).
  • In case you make a request for a delay in return of the samples due to unavoidable circumstances, we reserve the right at our discretion to provide an extension in the number of days.

Should you decide to purchase one or more of the sample models, you agree to make the purchase Online by going to the My Account section on RivoliEyezone and paying in full for the purchase through the normal process.

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