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How can I place Contact Lens order on Rivoli Eyezone?


Kindly follow the steps below to place an order at Rivoli Eyezone (Contact Lenses):

Visit us on

Navigate to Contact Lens product details page of your choice

There are 2 Options for selecting power:

- Option 1: Click 'View Saved Prescription' which will prompt a popup with saved presctiptions allowing you to choose relevant save prescription
- Option2: Under 'Enter Contact Lens Prescription' select relevant lens power for Right and/or Left eye

Check 'Send me a reminder to re-order contact lenses' section if you are interested in receiving reminder notifications to your email when it is time for a new supply.

Click 'Add To Cart'

A mini shopping cart will popup. Click on 'Checkout' once you are ready to checkout and you will be directed to the 'Checkout Page'

Once on the Checkout Page, follow necessary checkout procedures.

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