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Is contact lens wear safe?

Yes, contact lens wear is safe. If the guidelines given by your Optometrist/Optician are followed, contact lens wear can be a very rewarding experience for the person.

Some of the guidelines for safe & healthy contact lens wear are:
• Before inserting or removing your lenses, always wash, rinse with soap & water. Dry your hands properly with lint free towel
• Rub, rinse and clean lenses before every use and post removal
• Remove lenses before going to sleep, even extended ones for better eye health
• Always remove your contact lenses before bathing
• Keep note of expiration date - Don't use expired contact solution
• Use Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) only for rubbing, rinsing and storage of soft contact lenses
• Clean, rinse and Air dry your contact lens case every week with soap, water & soft brush
• Change your lens-case every 3 months
• Use water based cosmetics with contact lenses. First wear lenses, then make-up, First remove lenses, then remove make-up (FIFO)
• Wear lenses for the recommended duration/ number of hours each day
• In case you see any unusual/ excessive redness, inflammation, watering from eyes, discomfort, photosensitivity, pain, blurred vision etc. Immediately get in touch with your optometrist/optician.

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