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What are contact lenses? What are various types of contact lenses available?

Contact lenses are a thin lens, made of water-loving plastic polymer, placed directly on the external surface of eye. There are many different types on contact lenses available like Soft contact lenses & Gas permeable (GP) lenses, Scleral lenses, hybrid lenses to name a few.

GP and scleral lenses are used in irregular eye power or in high cylindrical power cases. With newer designs, it is easy for you to get used to them however adaptation time is still longer than soft contact lenses.

For regular prescriptions, soft contact lenses are the most preferred option and more than 95% consumers today wear soft contact lenses as these lenses are very comfortable to wear.
Daily disposable lenses is one of the most preferred category of lenses followed by Silicone Hydrogel lenses, which are again a type of soft contact lenses, provide very high oxygen to the eye resulting good eye health & convenience of wearing lenses for all waking hours. Colored contact lenses are also very popular and a growing category.

The soft lenses come in different wearing modalities depending upon the duration of usage like daily, Biweekly & monthly lenses.

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