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I have never worn Eyeglasses in my life. Why should I wear them for near vision now when I am over 40 years

When you reach around 40 years of age, accommodation ability of your eyes starts to reduce resulting in their inability to focus on near target/activities (Presbyopia) like reading books, newspaper etc. Eyes require additional power to focus on near objects. This additional power is provided in form of eyeglasses/contact lenses so that near vision can be made better.

However it is not an eye disease, it is just an age related change which occurs to every one sooner or later like your hair become grey after certain age or you have wrinkles in old age etc. similarly eye loses its ability to focus near objects. You may choose not to wear them but that will make things difficult for you only when seeing near objects/doing near activities hence for comfortable working, it is recommended to wear eyeglasses.

To correct Presbyopia, you can either have single vision near glasses, Bifocal eyeglasses or latest addition is Progressive lenses make it very easy for you to see near, intermediate and distance vision all at one go with great aesthetics.

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