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My eyes get dry at the end-of the day / evening when you reach home. What should I do?

• As in many conditions, the best treatment, in fact a cure, for recurrent environmentally induced dry eye is prevention. For the eye that has a naturally flowing tear supply, the act of blinking is the surest prevention to stinging and burning after a day’s work at the computer.

Additionally, many sources recommend using the ‘rule of 20’: after each twenty minutes of work, look up from the text or away from the screen; blink and refocus on the page twenty times. This repetitive exercise simultaneously re-wets the eye and relaxes the focusing mechanism of the eye.

• The result is relaxed and comfortable eyes that can continue to provide important and high quality information for longer hours of work.

• If you have prolonged laptop or PC work, dryness in the eyes is a common symptom as while doing near work one tends to forget blinking. Give your eyes break with the 20-20-20 rule.

• Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. Your tears and the delicate skin around your eyes are particularly susceptible to dryness.

• Use of over counter artificial tear/artificial tears or rewetting eye drops/ solution can reduce the effects of dry eyes. Check with your practitioner before putting these eye drops.

• If you are soft contact lens user, then prefer either silicone hydrogel lenses or disposable lenses with moisturising agents which keep the lenses wet for longer period leading to better end of the day comfort. In some cases, rewetting eye drops can be used along with contact lenses. Kindly consult with your Eye Care Practitioner for the same.

• Use anti-reflection coating glasses (ARC) for reducing the reflections.

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